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It’s normal for one to be caught up in an emergency that requires money or to have an unplanned urgency for money thus creating the need for a loan. However with the present day large number of money lender companies, one might be in a dilemma in the choice of company to take a loan from. But with the help of, you should worry no more since we have your need sorted.


Moneylenders Singapore is a moneylender’s directory is an online directory specifically designed to offer the customers with a combination of all available legal money lenders together with a comparison of available personal loan offers. In addition, all money lenders listed in are all licensed under the Singapore Moneylenders act thus giving the assurance that they comply with regulations provided by the registry of Moneylenders. We make the process of decision making easier by listing the reviews of the available money lenders in one platform in order to help you choose your suitable loan option.

Moneylenders Reviews 

Moneylenders review is a feature in the site that helps to display the money lenders through listing of hundreds and legit reviews left by the esteemed customers of Moneylenders Singapore. This helps one to browse the latest reviews and also allows one to have a glimpse of the top 10 Singapore Money lenders with an unquestionable reputation thus giving a hand in helping you choose the best Money lender for your choice of needs. This feature further allows you to make a review after using any moneylender featured in the website. With the breakdown below of the top 10 moneylenders each with a license number, rating and reviews you can find the suitable company for your loan need:

1. SINGA CREDIT PTE LTD with license number: 145/2017 and with a rating of 4.6/5 after 45 reviews.
2. KAIRO SERVICES with license number: 73/2017 and with rating of 4.6/5 after 45 reviews.
3. SWIFT CREDIT with license number: 177/2017 and with a rating of 4.3/5 after 40 reviews.
4. QUICK CREDIT PTE LTD with license number 61/2017 and with a rating of 4.3/5 after 49 reviews.
5. HAPPY CASH PTE LTD with license number 47/2017 and with a rating of 4.8/ after 24 reviews.
6. BEST CREDIT SG PTE LTD with license number 135/2017 and with a rating of 5.0/5 after 23 reviews.
7. CRAWFORT PTE LTD with license number 94/2017 and with a rating of 4.1/5 after 110 reviews.
8 . 1ST CREDIT SG with license number 129/2017 and with a rating of 4.8/5 after 11 reviews.
9. POWER CREDIT ENTERPRISE PTE LTD with license number 163/2017 and with a rating of 4.6/5 after 20 reviews.
10. AK CREDIT CORPORATION with license number 165/2017 and with a rating of 4.6/5 after 7 reviews.

With the above display of each company alongside its license number, there is assurance that all the companies listed in the site are licensed in accordance to the Singapore money lenders act.

Additional Information Offered by

Other than displaying a list of available money lenders available, the site further offers additional information associated with loans and which is very help in the decisiveness of the customers. The section also offers information of any updates about the site.
Among the most helpful topics in the section are:
1. Tips on management of debts which provides vast knowledge on management of debts in current economic hardships thus saving people form the state of having unmanageable debts.
2. Tips on the management of student loan debts which is among the greatest problems students face after completion of studies. With the knowledge acquired from this advice, one is able to understand more about student loans and how to manage them which turns out to be a very devastating task for most students.

With this kind of helpful information on loans, has proved to be a very helpful and user friendly site.

The site also allows the customer to ask any question in line with loans and this proves to be very helpful especially when one requires advice in order to avoid poor decision making and with a great team behind the site, one is assured of having their questions answered in a very helpful way.
The site has proved to have made the process of acquiring loans easier by far and with being very simple to navigate, it is very user friendly and easy to use.